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10 plugins we love to use on WordPress Sites

If you have ever built a site in WordPress or used WordPress for bloging you will be aware of how much plugins allow the all ready fantastic WordPress Platform to be extenedas has beeen stated on this blog before you should use plugins wisely if you add to many plugins to your wordpress install it can slow down  your site and effect things like your sites SEO.

chooseing which plugins are right for your site can be time consuming so with this in mind we have created a list of 10 of our favourite plygins that we use on many of our projects.

WordPress SEO – Yoast
as you are more than likely aware SEO is essential for making sure your site stays healthyand high in search engine rankings. In steps yoast  with some fantastic features  such as generating  xml site maps you can manage meta desciptions, your sites robot.txt file if your looking  to improve the SEO of  your WOrdpress site the best place to start is YOAST SEO


Spam in any form  is a pain spam comments doubly  so they are the bane of and blog editor  and having the worng comments posted on your site  can affect  your  sites reputation and even your sites seo. in steps Akismet a great plugin rather like having your own little anti spam bot for wordpres while this plugin is free to use for sites that are not for profit buiness sites  are asked to ay a small reasonable fee, Akismet does its magic by testing out new comments, trackbacks or pingbacks to decide whether or they are spam.

WP Smush.it

Well optimised imges can make the differnce to having a slow running site that  no comes to as it takes to long to load to a fast loading site that people want to come back to again and again. so you have some hefty images on your wordpress site  install try install WP Smush.it a fantastic plugin that does what it says on the tin it smushs your images and optimises them  so your site can runn faster and in turn saves youa chunk of bandwidth at the same time .

Vaultpress and infinite wp

Backing up your site regularly is something that every website owner should be doing and if you are not here are a couple of  of plugins to manage  this for you in the past we have used ithemes but we have recently come across the infinte wp platform which look s very intresting  infinite wp is by far more users intensive  than vaultpress but does warnt a mention here.

vault press  will carry out regular back ups for you and you can even apply a shedule aso it will perform daily scans of your siteand if there is any issue you cab sort this with one simple click

Google Analytics+

so you want to know whats happening with your wordpress site and you have lots of stats but what use are thoes stats to you if you cant make sense of them Google Analytics+ does this straight on your dashboard and delivers this info in easy to understand charts and grpahs.

Contact Form 7

While at RGB we love gravity froms a free to use allternative for managing your forms is is Contact Form 7 lets you manage multiple forms simply with little hastle  with out the hastle of having to learn mark up. if how ever you feel that the fuctionality of Contact Form 7 is to basic for your needs why not check out gravity froms a fantastic alternative with fantastic  over flowing globs of extra fuctionality  you can check it out here

Limit Login Attempts*

this plugin is very popular with many blog users and has been mentioned on this blog before as a great plugin for helping cuting down hack attacks on your wordpress installby doing what it says on the tin and limiting the amount of times a user can try to login before they are baned, all you have to do is specify the number of attempts allowed and the length of lock out that will be applied.

*at RGB we do how ever have some concerns about this plugin as it has not been updated in two years which can mean that it may havepossible security loop holes which have not be patched as yet we have yet to find any however due to the age of this plugin we are looking for a alternative.


If your business relies heavily on setting appointments directly through your site, then this will be a real productivity booster. Letting you schedule, manage and take in bookings, this will help you prevent overbooking yourself.

Feedburner Feedsmith

having trouble keeping track of your subscribers well Feedburner Feedsmith takes all of your WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed.

Google AdSense

what can we say about this plugin other than its great for customisingads on your wordpress install it allows you to customise  format and size which helps you make every ad space look unique.

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