About RGB

Welcome to RGB Design UK

We offer a range of services including website design, hosting and graphic design. For more details, please visit our Services page or contact us for a quote.

Most of our sites are designed using WordPress (used by  nearly a quarter of all sites across the internet) when used correctly WordPress is a fantastically powerful tool and a very user friendly CMS (Content Management System)we have been using WordPress to develop sites for the last 8 years.

We are devoted to great code and great looking design.  We believe that design should be simple yet elegant. We have a passion for typography, moving image and photography. To see some of our previous projects, please take a look at our portfolio.
RGB Designs is a small Digital Design company set up in 2008 by Jade Stewart as a way of hosting web sites cheaply. Wanting a way of hosting her personal websites, yet avoiding the high charges of other companies she setup her own hosting company and the every thing else as the saying goes, is history.

RGB has moved from being a simple Web Hosting company to offering a wide range of services such as web site development and design, logo design, email marketing design and more! Take a look at our services page for a more comprehensive list.

We pride ourselves here at RGB designs that we understand the effective relationship between good design and coding skills, both are important to creating something that not only looks good but functions perfectly.