Is one of the passwords on this list yours

If it is please Change It Immediately.

if your your using  your first pets name the street where you were born on  or  the name on your first school as your password then please stop take a look at  our guid on strong passwords and what you should be doing.

So this week Security Company SplashData its annual list of terrible passwords which a commonly used by hackers this clearly shows  that  a lot of us still haven’t got the hang of  the whole strong passwords thing.

the list is made up of millions of passwords stolen and revealed by hackers in the last year (2014) and then they rank them in popularity with passwords such as  “123456” , “password,” “12345,” “12345678” and “qwerty” I’m sure you will be ask your self oh why oh why do they do this to theme selves.

so bellow you will the list which makes up a outstanding 2.2% of all the passwords that were exposed  and next to them there change in usage from the last years list (2013):

1. 123456 (unchanged)

2. password (unchanged)

3. 12345 (up 17)

4. 12345678 (down one place)

5. qwerty (down one place)

6. 123456789 (unchanged)

7. 1234 (up nine places)

8. baseball (new)

9. dragon (new)

10. football (new)

11. 1234567 (down four places)

12. monkey (up five places)

13. letmein (up one place)

14. abc123 (down nine places)

15. 111111 (down eight places)

16. mustang (new)

17. access (new)

18. shadow (unchanged)

19. master (new)

20. michael (new)

21. superman (new)

22. 696969 (new)

23. 123123 (down 12 places)

24. batman (new)

25. trustno1 (down one place)

on the plus side  according to SplashData people are actually making fewer “bad passwords” due to the high-profile data breaches at  firms such as amazon there have been in the last few year

a password that is a minimum of eight characters and a mix of letters and numbers and isn’t a simple word  or number  for very strong passwords  trying using a password manager  and try not to use the same passwords across  all of the sites you access for more information on password managers and  strong passwords check out our guide.

and please don’t use “Password”

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