Web Site Servicing, Maintenance & Security.

Web Site Servicing, Maintenance & Security.

Most of  our  sites are built using  WordPress one thing a lot of people  for get to do once a site is built is to maintain ther sites we offer a service  where we will keep your theme  and plugins up to date for you for a small fee  of just £10 per month we will deal  with all  the updates for you no need to keep worrying about your plugins or site  being up to date.

for a additional cost of £15 per month we can offer a back up service which means that is your site is exploited for any reason we can get it back up and running quickly with as little hassle to you and your site users

Site Security Package 

for £20 month we offer all of the above  plus a security add on to your WordPress site along with back ups and maintenance of the site we will add a security add on to your site  which will further strengthen your site agains the possibility of the  being  exploited.

Why worry about site maintenance, plugin updates & Security

as secure as any site is  as a site becomes older and plugins themes and frameworks start to become outdated its possible security flaws can develop or can be discovered by hackers and can used to exploit your site this is the reason why we offer a servicing and maintenance package it keeps your site secure and lessens the chance of your site being broken into.

Please look at  our  guide to strong passwords & our simple WordPress security tips

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