Why you should keep your WordPress site up to date.

Why should you keep your WordPress site up to date?

Once you’ve built your WordPress site  even if you make  some alterations its going to hold most of its value hopefully  for a few years but once you’ve built  your site or had it built for you why would you want to update your site well there are a number of  reasons including security and even simple things like SEO a few of these are listed bellow

  1. Security – one of the top and most important reasons for keeping  your site and its plugins up to date is security. WordPress is used by nearly a quarter of sites on the internet and as its open source is accessible to everyone  this is a good thing in a lot of ways however it does mean that it can be a huge target for hackers and malicious groups online check out our previous posts of keeping  your site secure and on strong passwords for ways to prevent your site  from falling foul to one of these groups. WordPress’s development team is continually working to identify and fix security risks and holes.these fixes or updates are released by WordPress if your not updating the WordPress core of your site its being left wide open to the possibility of it being hacked if this happens it can affect  your business in several differnt ways such as your search engine rankings, client data being made public downtime or even unwanted content showing up on your site.  This could end up costing you time and money to fix, as well as having the possibility of losing you business.
  2. Performance –The  WordPress core development team are always  working to make WordPress faster and more efficient.
    if kept up to date your WordPress site will keep running at the best possible speed it can.
  3. Features –many of the major WordPress updates include improved functionality and tools which means improved performance from your site.
  4. User experience – WordPress updates tend to make the CMS (content management system) faster and simpler to use, helping  your sites users to interact with  your site more which is better for your sites ratings with search engines.
  5. Future-proofing – at  some point you will want to make changes to your site be it adding new features or a redesign these may require the latest version of WordPress (some plugins may only work with the latest version) by updating  your site regularly you deal with any changes or errors that may arise as they happen rather than having to spend a large amount of time dealing with these all at one time.

You can find more about updating WordPress on the WordPress codex 

These are a few of the reasons to keep your WordPress site and its plugins and themes up to date.  If all of this seems daunting in any way, or you don’t have the time to keep your site up to date, at RGB Designs UK we offer a maintenance service for WordPress.  You can check it out on our services page.

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